November 22, 2011

Day#2:Passing along the faith and the freedom to share it

Day #2: Passing along the faith and the freedom to share it with those who are in my sphere of influence
What being a Christian means to me might not exactly look the same to you as it does to me.
I am not talking about religion, I am talking about relationship.
Which means that if you were to bump into me on the street I would probably fly "under the radar" more so then some folks think.
Yep, we are that family sitting in Ihop holding hands and praying asking God to bless the food.
We pray over each and every meal.
Cereal included.
We have prayers at bed time too. (you would be surprised at how well the little ones sleep when you pray for them at night!) We are the family that midweek we are scrambling looking for wee college shirts & Bibles so we can get to our many programs at our church and then we are back again on the weekend for more! I listen to am 930 the light talk radio and soak up the teachings and have openly admitted to enjoying listening to Adventures in Odyssey when the dance run fell right smack in the middle of our nightly dance run. And one of my favorite things... Curling up with a mug of coffee strengthening my own relationship with God in a fun-filled Bible study! (currently I am on week 9's homework of David: Seeking a Heart like His
Which reminds me... I need to get back to my homework!!

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