November 19, 2013

DIY: knitted dishrag

Sometimes the best change in life is just picking up where you left off and starting over.

I haven't had a chance to knit in a very long time. Two years ago I knit my older daughters a super cute button hats.

I pulled a Christmas miracle out if my hat and knit Sackboy for my son.
I even knit a dozen or so dishrags along with a the occasional scarf or two.
The only reason why I stopped and put my needles down in the first place was because of my hands.

They would tingle and fall asleep just after stitching a few rows.

Then a few days ago my three-year-old asked me to make her a hat and my six year old needs a scarf.
Before I get headfirst into a pattern that I'm not sure if I can complete I figured that I might as spit out an easy pattern and make a couple of dishrags.

No time constraint... if they don't get done as I still have my dishwasher.

I'm not sure who originally created this pattern as I found it on scratched on a piece of paper mixed in with my knitting so this is the one I use.

I just need to weave in the loose ends and these two are done!


k 1 row

Next row, k2, yo, k2

Next row, k2, yo, k to end of row

Continue to repeat the [k2, yo, k until end of row] until you have a total of 45sts on the needle

Next row, k1, k2Tog, yo, k2Tog, k to end of row

Continue to do the [k1, k2Tog, yo, k2Tog, k to end of row], decreasing each row until you have 5 stitches are left on the needle

Next row, k2, k2Tog, k1.

Bind off the 4 sts.

CO - Cast On
K - knit
YO - Yarn Over (to increase)
k2Tog - Knit 2 Together (to decrease)
st - stitch (sts is plural stitches)

Super easy pattern!
They rags wash up well and are extremely durable.
You will end up with a square dishrag.
I've seen pinners selling these exact dishrags for $5.00 EACH which is ridiculous.


They are so quick and easy to knit up yourself and you can make 4 of them for that price easy.

Or if you want... Give me your money and I will make them for you! ;0)

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