December 20, 2011

misplaced Meowmeries & being a mom

Day#21: misplaced Meowmeries.
Made that one up. Clever eh!
This short little clip triggered a memory I had long forgotten.
I was living in Lethbridge and had just finished college so I was working at one of the local daycare centers.
I was exhausted after a long day of work.
I set Niffy Nunu who was a baby at the time on the floor and off she toddled to her room dragging her blanket behind her I tucked my my coat and shoes into the closet not realizing the state my kitchen was in.
The freezer door was swung wide open and when I went to go shut it I nearly stepped in a box of defrosted fish sticks.
The cardboard box had been chewed/clawed open and bits of thawed fish were marinating on my kitchen floor. Eww!!
My entire freezer was defrosted.
Left with 28 drumsticks, 3 steaks and bags of veggies I threw a huge dinner for me and my friends.
I guess I should have been thankful that my cat "Todd" decided to take this task upon himself but at the very least he could have cleaned it out for me!
A trick he never did repeat again which was a little disappointing.
How did that cat ever open up the freezer door?

Day#22: Christmas Dress & being a mom.
Punky was a little over a month old last year this time so this is her first ever Christmas Dress.
I am so thankful to have this little stinker (and all my stinkers) in my life.
Can not imagine how boring my life would be if there weren't four amazing children in my life!

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